Carpenter Bees

Have you Met the Carpenter Bees?

carpenter_beesThe carpenter bee is a large bee that may be found all around the world. There are as many as 500 species. These large bees will build their nests in dead wood. Bamboo is another option for building a nest in. There are even some carpenter bees that may nest right with the ground. There are some smaller carpenter bees that are among a different tribe. The carpenter bee typically has the following characteristics:
* black colored
* yellow markings on their head
* large
* sturdy
* shiny
A carpenter bee may even be mistaken for a bumblebee, so be careful when you set up carpenter bee traps. The woodpecker will eat a carpenter bee. Other birds also eat them.

Fighting and Exterminating the Carpenter Bees

If you have noticed a carpenter bee in your home space, you will want to take action. You may have a small fight on your hands. If you have noticed one carpenter bee, there is a good chance that there is more of them hiding. They may be drilling in the wood areas and even laying eggs. Your home may be in danger. The carpenter bee must be exterminated or they could destroy the structure of the building. It will take some patience as well as some knowledge to control the carpenter bee evict them. The carpenter bee is a complicated insect. They are not easy to understand. A sensible treatment for the carpenter bee would be to make certain that all holes are plugged up. This would be important especially in the fall months.