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Lajin is a stretching exercise that aids the body in clearing blocked meridians, which can cause chronic pain and disease. Those who have prostate or gynecological disorders, diabetes, hypertension or dislocation of joints will see a large benefit from Lajin. The Pailala Institute teaches self healing and describes how to do Lajin to promote natural healing:

• If there is no Lajin bench available, two chairs placed side by side will work. The side of one chair must be against a wall or pillar.self healing at home

The duration of Paida Lajin is from 10 to 40 minutes. Once the time is up, the individual should switch to the other leg and repeat the process.

The person should lie down on their back on the chairs with the arms extended backwards.

• One leg should be raised and placed flat against the wall or pillar. The person should move until the buttock is touching the wall as well. The other leg should be lowered until the foot touches the floor. The thighs should be as close together as possible for maximum tension.

Lajin can bring on a “healing crisis,” which is a temporary increase in symptoms and pain that follows the sessions. This means that the Qi is energizing the areas of the body that are affected by disease, and the meridians are clearing. The person may also experience a runny nose, dizziness, headaches, nausea, flatulence and smelly stools. As the symptoms ease, the Lajin sessions can be reduced.